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Do you need a higher level of mechanical or laser technology skills during your professional activities? Do you needs help? Are you interested in this topic? Do you have capacity shortage or do you need more competence of engineering?

Then you are in the right place! Please scroll down, and if you see an area where I can help you, then contact with me trust. During an informal, personal conversation, I describe you my activity with pleasure or I listen to you in what kind of specialized field you would require short or long-term support.

Laser certificate

Certificate according to laws and standards

  • Is it your obligation of law to certify with an independent expert that your machine/special machine designed and/or manufactured by you complies with EU regulations?
  • Does your buyer and partner ask you to certify with an independent expert that your machine complies with specified foreign regulations, standards, and/or customer requirements?
  • Do you not have a specialist within your company or do you like to outsource the making of EC declarations of conformity to CE marking?
  • Is it time to re-evaluate the risk analysis of  manufacturing equipment? (For example, for laser machines, it is necessary to renew it at the change over of technology, but at least 3-5 years due to health and safety regulations!)

Field of certification and regulations

Before placing machinery on the market and/or putting it into service in the European Union, the manufacturer or his authorised representative shall be CE marked. (EU directive 2006/42/EC Article 5, and the corresponding national regulations.)
Machinery, special machines, interchangeable equipment, partly completed machinery, etc. … must comply with the safety requirements for the machinery and the certification of compliance (EU directive 2006/42/EC)
Machines include laser sources should also comply with the minimum health and safety requirements regarding the artificial optical radiation for workers. (EU directive 2006/25/EC), regardless of laser power.
The employer must have a risk assessment of the machine from the first time in use.  It is recommended that the customer (employer) has the machine manufacturer prepare this risk assessment before he takeover the machine.
The employer is then required to re-new the risk assessment during operation at least in every 3 years, or at the time of technological changes or in case of an incident.

As a Certified Laser Technology and Manufacturing Technological Expert of the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers, I undertake the certification of machine contains laser source and the certification of other special machines according to the following regulation:
– EU directive 2006/42/EC (Machinery);
– EU directive 2006/25/EC (The minimum health and safety requirements regarding the artificial optical radiation for workers;
– and other required standards and regulations (please give me their identification number in the contact field).

In addition, I undertake the periodic review and risk analysis of artificial optical radiation (such as laser light radiation) provided by workers in accordance with EU Directive 2006/25/EC.

According to the EU Directive 2006/25/EC, Article 4, (2): “The assessment, measurement and/or calculations referred to in paragraph 1 shall be planned and carried out by competent services or persons at suitable intervals, taking particular account of the provisions of Articles 7 and 11 of Directive 89/391/EEC concerning the necessary competent services or persons and the consultation and participation of workers…


Writing of expertise, pursuit of expert activity

  • Do you have a disagreement with your partner? With your customer? Or with your supplier?
  • Do you need judgment from an independent expert instead of litigation?
  • Do you have dispute in fulfilling the machine parameters that are not exactly defined in the contract?
  • Do you need an independent expert in front of a conciliation body or at a judicial level to present and represent your position?
  • Or to prevent all of this do you want to make a study for yourself, for example, before investing in high value?

Areas of expertise

As the doctor of the Multidisciplinary Technical Sciences field (Mechanical Sciences and Transport Sciences) (BME, 2006; Reg.Nr.: 1607-PhD), and as the certified expert of the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers (2017; Reg.Nr.: 19-01113) I undertake to conduct expert activities in the following certification areas:

Mechanical Engineering Technologymanufacturing technologies and automation, robot application subfields,
Mechanical Engineering Technology welding, welding technology and appliances subfields,
Mechanical Engineering Technology – laser technology subfield,
Mechanical Engineering Technology – measuring technology and equipments subfields,
Mechanical Engineering Technology tribology in engineering technology subfields,
Mechanical design,
Machine Structuresdynamical state of the machines, load analysis subfield,
Machine Structureswelded mechanical structures subfield,
Machine Structuresexamination of stress conditions, material and structural damage subfields,
Machine Structuresrobotic structures, robot drive technology, robot-hand subfields.

I am waiting for the orders of private persons, companies, other organizations, investigative authorities, courts and law firms.

Technology development

Development of laser technology, setting parameters

  • Are you struggle with the leakage of laser specialist?
  • Do you need a Laser Officer, because you want to comply with the national regulations? (eg.: the german OStrV – Arbeitsschutzverordnung zu künstlicher optischer Strahlung)
  • Do you need a freelancer on the field of laser technology and mechanical design?
  • Do you need only a few engineering hours to supervise/adjust of  your technology?
  • Do you have a fast-start laser project?
  • Do you want to optimize or make more economical the current processes? Or were the requirements changed and the technology had to be setup again?

Hiring of laser expertise, process monitoring

I’m available for you flexibly, according to your requirements, at any stage of laser technology projects: At the planning of project, when you select machine technologies. At project start, when you plan material flow paths and layout. In project, at the preliminary planning of technology parameters and defining the quality features in advance (what, why, how to measure?). At finishing the project when you are finalizing technology parameters and quality features. During the pilot series, when change the technology because of different materials (batches) or if you define an action plan. During serial production, if you want to examine how to make your products more economical.

At your location, in cooperation with your colleagues, machine setup, technology development, parameter adjustment. Programming various laser controllers, even the rare or older models. Complete knowledge transfer. Flexible time scheduling: in machine standby time, whether at night or at weekends. In Hungary or abroad (with Hungarian, English and German language knowledge).


Teaching of laser technology and physical background

  • Would you like to plan yours company laser technology investment for a long time?
  • Your customer would like to buy from you a production line with laser beam and do you need support when you make the quotation or do you install the technology? Do you have to do the training at the customer?
  • Do you need laser technology knowledge for daily work?
  • Or do you want to know in what size and in which direction you need adjust the laser parameters to meet the quality requirements of seams?
  • Do you have to make or change risk analysis, FMEA, process diagram or keep them up to date for audits?
  • Do you need to train (new) operators, maintenance man or process engineers? Do you require the prescribed interim re-education (after half … three years) ?
  • Or are you just interesting yourself for a long time what means the LASER?

Consultancy and teaching activities

From 1 to 2 hours up to several days of training, I undertake training of operators, maintainers, line leaders, process engineers, project managers and top leaders, passed to the level of knowledge. By doing this, you can manufacture or finish your projects faster, cheaper and better.

More than 10 years on Technical University. More than 10 years experience in the automotive and mechanical engineering industry, with a special machine subfield.

Flexible time scheduling: in machine standby time, whether at night or at weekends.

Contact with me trust!


My contacts

Szabolcs HERCZEG, Ph.D.

Engineering and Consulting Office, self-employed
Mechanical Engineer
Doctor of Mechanical Engineering

e-mail: herczegsz (at)
tel.: +36-20-427-4166
Hungary, 8200-Veszprém, Csillag u. 1.
community tax number (VAT Reg No): HU 68617376

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